Weddings at Knebworth House

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I have been photographing weddings at Knebworth House for many years now. However there aren’t that many that have a horse drawn carriage as beautiful as Emily and Dan’s.For their wedding on 3rd May 2014  Drayhorse Shires in Kent travelled all the way over to Datchworth in Hertfordshire to ensure that Emily had her carriage to Datchworth church and then on to Knebworth House. The Church stands on one of the highest points in the County and was built by the Anglo-Saxons 810 years ago. The vicar here wasn’t going to permit me to photograph during the ceremony because of the “noise of the camera shutters.” However after demonstrating to the vicar that my camera was indeed silent she let me photograph the exchange of rings which was good.

After the confetti it was on to Knebworth House where we got a great picture with the historic house in the background. Dean Maudsley was doing a wonderful job entertaining the guests with his magic when we returned from the gardens for the evening celebrations. The band for the evening were Stax and they were sounding good as I said my farewells and headed home from another day of weddings at Knebworth House. Looking forward to the next one

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

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