Studio Shoot with GF23mm & GF110mm

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

This Studio Shoot with 23mm & 110mm lenses actually took place before I was lucky enough to own my GFX50R camera. I shot it using the 50S before the 50R had even been released.

It was in June of 2017 that I had the opportunity to take part in a day’s Fujifilm GFX shoot with David Stanbury. David is a highly skilled wedding photographer and you only have to look at his work to appreciate his skill.

The only GF lens that I own is the 32-64mm which is a wonderful all round lens. However on this shoot I had access to the 50S plus the GF110mm F2 and the GF23mm F4. Both of this lenses were cracking lenses, but I really liked using the 110mm the most. Equivalent to an 87mm lens at F1.6 on a full frame camera it makes a fine portrait lens. I was blown away by the resolution of the 50S and these brilliant lenses. The 23mm is razor sharp and would be a terrific Lens for landscape work. I didn’t use this lens as much and have included a couple of images of the model alongside the car In the studio.

It has taken me two years to finally get my own GFX camera. I opted for the 50R partly on cost and partly because I felt it was a better option for my way of working. Love the look and handling of the 50S but I felt the 50R would be more of an everyday camera. Teamed with the 32-64mm I can cover most situations. However both the 23mm & 110mm would be lenses I would love to use again. As I cannot afford the outlay at present I may hire them if and when I have a specific need for one of them. In the meantime I will continue exploring the possibilities offered by my current combo.

Here are a selection of images I took with the GF110mm lens.

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