Lockdown Light Painting

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Here in the UK we are still under lockdown so Light Painting seemed a way to use the GFX camera without breaking any lockdown rules. I managed to black out the windows in my garden office with this stuff.

I have often looked at Light Painting, in particular Harold Ross's site. His work is amazing and I can see that I have a very long way to go if I am ever to achieve results like his! It is a real dark art ( no pun intended ) and guides and/or advice seems very hard to find. I have contacted Harold and he will offer a one to one course via Zoom video conferencing but I simply cannot justify the expense at the present time. Most other exponents appear to be from the USA with very little from the UK as far as I can see. I have searched high and low for a book on the subject but there doesn't appear to be any.

So the images below are my first attempts at this fascinating method of creating images. I am not happy with any of them! I can't decide whether to persevere with it. You really do need a tremendous amount of patience to do this well and I wonder if I have it to be honest.

UPDATE: I think things may have improved slightly with my second attempts of the camera and my Rangefinder Quadra immediately below ...

FURTHER UPDATE: Today's effort 14th May - Kitchen utensils ..

If anyone has any suggestions or experience of Light Painting please get in touch!

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