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It's always very satisfying to see your work in print. Just about one year ago I wrote a post for this blog on Garden Bird Photography Now a year later it has featured in Digital Camera Magazine

Over the years I have seen my work in print in one form or another. Sometimes single images in a book, or other times a magazine article illustrated with images. Here are some of them from over the years

A couple of years ago I photographed Maria and Rob's wedding. They were subsequently featured in a wedding magazine.

Staying on the wedding theme, back in 2010 I had this article published in Professional Photo

January 1977 and my first ever published work in good old Amateur Photographer Magazine! Obviously I was shooting on film back in those days.

Amateur Photographer again. This time a write up on a photographic course on the Isle of Wight run by Jorge Lewinski.

Back in those days I used to shoot a lot with black & white film which I would develop and print. My camera was a Pentax Spotmatic which I loved. I used to get their Pentax magazine and occasionally entered the competitions. This picture is of my dear old dad enjoying a rest in the deckchair in the garden.

Another magazine competition, this time a colour slide entry taken with my trusty Pentax

We have entered the digital age now with this image published in Digital Photo Magazine Shot on film with a Contax G1 but edited in Photoshop.

Digital Photo again and a challenge set by the magazine to composite a series of images together.

The start of my professional career and I featured in Professional Photographer magazine.

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