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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wedding Photographer for Down Hall

This year will be the first time that I am a wedding photographer for Down Hall. I have photographed weddings at all of the other big Hertfordshire wedding venues but never Down Hall until Bernadette and Paul booked me for their big day at the end of May.

So for the pre-wedding shoot we met up there on Sunday morning. Although officially in Hertfordshire the venue is right on the Hertfordshire Essex border in Hatfield Heath. It is certainly a beautiful historic house and since 1986 has been run by the Veladail Group of hotels. I was impressed with the Hotel and the staff at Down Hall and hope that I will be a wedding photographer for Down Hall on many more occasions.

Bernadette and Paul are having a full catholic ceremony in St John’s Wood at the same church that Bernadette’s mother and father were married. I always enjoy catholic weddings as I find that most priests do not lay down draconian rules about what the wedding photographer can and can’t do. As a rule they seem to be far more relaxed and as long as the wedding photographer acts sensibly they are happy to let you get on with your job. After the ceremony a coach has been arranged to take the majority of the guests to Down Hall for the drinks reception.

I will be starting the day with the wedding preparations and finishing some time after 9:30pm so it looks like a very full day with lots to photograph. Bernadette and Paul are estimating around 220 guests and as well as the group photographs we aim to get some great photographs around the historic building and grounds at Down Hall. I am also hoping to get a chance to take a shot of Bernadette and Paul at the front of the house at dusk or early evening. So all in all I am looking forward to being the wedding photographer for Down Hall in May with Bernadette and Paul and all of their family and friends!


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