Cambridge Wedding Photography

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I always love the opportunity for some Cambridge wedding photography. Rob proposed to Maria in Cambridge on top of the Varsity Hotel, right in the centre of Cambridge. Overlooking the River Cam the Varsity is a unique boutique venue. So we arranged for the staff to open the roof terrace for us. It was a beautiful clear sunny day, albeit somewhat chilly and windy. I got a few fun shoots there before we made our way into the city for more photographs to add some variety.

Maria and Rob at getting married at the beautiful Twelve Apostles church in Brookmans Park. The Twelve Apostles is a Greek Orthodox church. I photographed a lovely wedding here a few years back. Maria has Cypriot heritage and attends this church which was formed in the 1990s. The wedding reception will be held at my local venue Knebworth House. I have been the recommended photographer at Knebworth for many years and always enjoy working there.

Although Cambridge is always busy with tourists and visitors. It is a terrific city for photography. We dodged the cycles as we made our way towards the bridges at the back of the colleges. I narrowly escaped a few collisions with cyclists.Thankfully riders warn you of their approach by sounding their bells! We finished our Pre-wedding Cambridge Wedding Photography with a final look at the punters making their way backwards and forwards along the river Cam.


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