Bumper year for Poppies

Updated: Aug 31

Weather conditions here in the UK have conspired to allow a bumper year for poppies. A mild winter followed by a warm spring has resulted in perfect conditions for this flower. Driving locally here in Hertfordshire, poppies are in abundance in the cornfields and in the hedgerows.

All of the images here were taken with the Fujifilm GFX110mm lens. Still getting used to this lens. I love the bokeh it produces. It wasn't the ideal lens for landscape work but I am just getting a feel for how it handles. Like all newly acquired gear, I just want to use it! The focal length of 110mm equates to about 87mm in 35mm terms with an equivalent wide open aperture of F1.6. I normally prefer to use a wider angle for landscape, or if using a telephoto I would prefer a longer focal length for more compression. However, these are the resulting images shot in two different locations last week.

1/4000sec @ F2 ISO 100

1/4000 sec @ F2 ISO 50

1/250 sec @ F5.6 ISO 100

1/500sec @ F6.4 ISO 100

1/500sec @ F6.4 ISO 100

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