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My Fujifilm Journey So Far

I first started using Fujifilm cameras in 2012. Up until then my camera brand of choice had been Canon DSLRs. I used them as my only cameras for about 11-12 years. Prior to that I had used Pentax film cameras. Although the Canons had been great work horses for my professional business I always missed the ergonomics of my earlier cameras. For example proper aperture rings on the lens etc.

Then in 2012 along came the Fujifilm XPRO1. Loved the look and design of this camera with it's retro feel and fantastic F1.4 lens! However it was really quirky to use until Fujifilm added several firmware updates making life easier. Didn't really get on with the hybrid viewfinder. But this camera was a game changer for me and happily got me started on my Fujifilm mirrorless journey!